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Future of XR technology

The Future Of Technology – How To Incorporate XR Into Business Strategy

As an organisation in 2023 you need to regularly innovate and use new technology to upgrade business processes. However, without doing a deep dive into the ways in which you can adopt technology, it’s difficult to know where and how to start. The latest tech among fast growing companies in India is XR Technology and  experiential learning. Experiential learning is when XR Technology is used to help the user learn from experience rather than learn from theory.

Our research has indicated that humans are better learners when they are able to practise their skill repeatedly. Unfortunately, at enterprises, extensive training means wasted material, halted production time and the worst – financial losses. So what’s the solution? Extended Reality (XR) technology in business.

You may be wondering what the business benefits of Extended Reality (XR) are? Or even what a scalable XR strategy may be. Well, we’re here to guide you through it. Let’s start with how you can apply XR in your business cycle.

Step 1: Research, Research, Research

Effective application of XR Technology means understanding the technology through and through. If you’re not the right person to do a deep tech dive, you can build a team dedicated to research and development, or engage with an expert in XR Technology

Step 2: Plan Ahead

For every business vertical, it’s essential to set down definite goals as the second step to adopting XR Technology. While the benefits of virtual reality are manifold, without understanding where it can be applied, your ventures will not be as successful as if they were planned. Thus, evaluate business goals and see how immersive learning can be beneficial to your organisation.

Step 3: Trial & Error

Finally, if you want to truly understand how to apply XR to your business, you need to use it in multiple scenarios and learn from your mistakes. It’s important to remember that no one starts out an expert and it’s through repeated usage that one is able to perfectly master a skill or technology.

Once you’re clear on how XR Technology will help your organisation, it’s time to implement it at the training stage. For most businesses, creating a unique experience for training, learning and development is very important. In fact many companies in India have already adopted XR Technology in industrial training, since the results have been so promising. AjnaLens also collaborates with several large scale enterprises to improve their training modules. These training modules create an experiential learning environment with individuals being completely immersed in the learning.

From creating welding and spray painting training modules for students, to creating a digital twin of the production line for an automotive client, AjnaLens comes equipped with over 9 years of experience in XR. When we talk of the future of work in India, we see it moving towards an XR powered environment where training, learning and development happens mostly using AR, VR and MR.

However, when you’re creating a scalable XR strategy, there will be challenges such as finding the right mix of hardware and software which caters exactly to your needs. While XR Technology is still at an early stage of being accepted as a standard training module, it is true that users are trained in a better and more efficient way when learning via immersive learning. AjnaLens’ success stories are testament to the positive impact of XR on industrial training.

All-in-all, adopting XR strategy into your business plan may seem challenging at first, but it really is the best way to improve efficiency, precision and save time. If you’re looking for a quick consult to see where your business can adopt cutting-edge XR technology, reach out to the experts!


  • Experiential learning using XR technology yields better results in training
  • XR Technology has applications in business verticals across industries
  • There are 3 main steps for each organisation to adopt XR Technology: research, planning and testing
  • Companies may not have the resources to set up a research department, they should partner with XR companies, like AjnaLens
  • XR Technology has seen good results when applied to industrial training
  • AjnaLens has partnered with companies to provide training in welding, painting and to train workers in the production line
  • It’s possible to include XR to help a business grow
  • While it seems difficult at first, companies who engage with the right partners have seen success